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FREE Dry Fire Timer for Training

Par Time:
Hands Up

180º Turn


Help updated!


Unload your pistol.

Choose your Drill, your Difficulty, and then click Start.

  • If you choose a drill other than Freestyle, there are Setup instructions below.
  • Start the drill at the first beep, and finish it before the second beep.
  • Drills are in sets of 10.
  • If you pass 10/10 reps, reduce Par Time by 0.1.
  • If you pass at least 7/10 reps, keep practicing 'till you get 10/10.
  • If you pass less than 7/10 reps, increase Par Time by 0.1.
Recommended targets:
  • Full size: 6" wide x 24" high cardboard
  • Full-size: USPSA metric target; cut off the D zone
  • Scaled down 3x: a 2" x 2" sticky note
  • Scaled down 3x: Scaled-down USPSA metric targets ; cut off the D zone

To max out your gains:

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