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Transforming New Shooters into Elite Concealed Carriers

For New Shooters

Why pistols? For home defense, concealed carry, duty carry, or bear defense, they're often your best bet. Find out why.

Pistol 101

Getting started as a pistol shooter? Learn about whether pistols are right for you, which type best fits your needs, the rules of gun safety, and important safety gear for being a responsible gun owner.


Take the Pistol Quiz to find the right category for you, and from there, the one pistol that best fits your needs.

Pistol Quiz
Not sure which pistol to buy? Take our quiz and get a recommendation based on your needs. We'll check what you need a pistol for, how you'll carry it, and what you need most from a pistol.
Protect your hearing with the ear protection calculator.

Ear Protection Calculator
Did you know you can still lose your hearing while wearing ear protection? Find out how much ear protection you really need based on where you shoot, how much you shoot, and how many people are shooting with you.
Protect your eyes with eye protection for shooting.

Best Eye Protection Selector
Did you know normal "safety glasses" can't protect your eyes from a ricochet? Only a few safety standards are for shooting. If you wear prescription glasses, or want eye protection you can trust, use this to get what you need.

Pistol Ammo at the Best Price

Our price engine gets you the best price for in-stock ammo, out of over 40 vendors. But out of many pistol calibers, we only promote the best 3:
.380 ACP Drawing

.380 ACP
.380 ACP is best for daily carry in pocket pistols under 1 lb. It has around 1/2 the recoil of 9mm and 1/2 the effective range.
9mm Luger Parabellum Drawing

9mm Luger / Parabellum
9mm is best for home defense and daily carry in pistols over 1 lb. It's often the cheapest and easiest to find.
10mm Auto Drawing

10mm Auto
10mm is best for defense against large, dangerous animals like bears. It packs the power to punch through their bones and hit vitals.

For Enthusiasts

Pistol Anatomy answers any questions you may have about a given pistol part.

Pistol Anatomy
If you've ever wondered what a part of a pistol does, why it's important, or whether to upgrade it, this is your guide. Learn what are the parts of a handgun and how to tell good ones from bad, using data and case studies from police, competitive shooters, and gunsmiths.