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380 ACP Defense Ammo FAQ

Can a 380 stop an attacker?

Yes, if you get a vital shot within 10-15 yards. With pistols, shot placement matters most.

What has more stopping power .380 or 9mm?

9mm defense ammo reliably expands to a 20% larger diameter than .380. 9mm also penetrates more to the FBI standard of 12-18 inches than .380: only a few .380 defense rounds make it 12-13" on average, while 9mm goes 13-17" while expanding more.

Round Avg. Penetration Expanded Diameter
.380 Federal 99gr HST 12.26" 0.59"
.380 Sig 90gr V-Crown 14.36" 0.48"
.380 Hornady 90gr FTX 13.2" 0.52"
9mm Winchester 147 gr Ranger T-Series 16.5" 0.74"
9mm Federal 150 gr Micro HST 17.3" 0.71"
9mm Black Hills 115gr. Barnes XP +P 13.76" 0.69"
9mm ammo has more stopping power than .380.
That said, always remember: With pistols, shot placement matters most.

Can a 380 kill a bear?

With perfect shot placement and hard-cast or solid-copper bullets, yes. There are documented cases of .380 killing black bears. However, a .380 bullet is likely to be stopped by the bones of larger bears like Grizzlies and Polar bears.

What is the best 380 self defense ammo?

The absolute best is the Underwood Xtreme Defender 65gr (+P or +P+ optional), but if you can't get that, these hollow point rounds are the runners-up:

  • Sig Sauer Ammo Elite V-Crown 380 ACP JHP 90 Gr
  • Hornady Critical Defense 380 ACP FTX 90 Gr
  • Federal .380 HST 99gr JHP
For reference, a .380 bullet is 0.35" in diameter. We only recommend the above rounds for their strong expansion while meeting the FBI standard of 12-18 inches of penetration. For more info, see our Defense Ammo Guide.

Best .380 Defense Ammo on Sale

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Cheap Bulk .380 Ammo FAQ

Why is .380 ammo so expensive and hard to find?

The demand for guns is sky high, and so is the demand for ammo. It's like toilet paper in early 2020.

In this case, manufacturers can't keep up with demand. The companies who supply the manufacturers also can't keep up, so even if ammo manufacturers built more factories, it wouldn't help much. When demand is way higher than supply, prices go up.

Best .380 Cheap Bulk Ammo on Sale

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