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Learn to Shoot Like an FBI Agent...and Beyond

If you were a target of violence, could you stop it before you or others got hurt?

You aren't built like The Rock. You've always been more effective with your mind.

You may think, "It could never happen to me. I'll see it coming and avoid it, or talk my way out."

But what's the truth? Studies on violent crime in the US show your lifetime risk of being targeted for an assault, robbery, rape, or murder is 83% (5 out of 6), with a 52% risk of being targeted 2 or more times.

Like it or not, chances are you will be a target at least once in your life.

I'm here to make sure that when the time comes, you'll have what it takes to remain in control, and not be a victim after all. And if you or someone you know has been targeted in the past, I'm here to make sure that even if that happens again, the outcome won't the same.

Violent attacks are over in seconds. Police are minutes away, and I can train you to shoot better than them.

I'm Bryan Hill, founder of Pistol Wizard. Nice to meet you!
A photo of Bryan Hill, founder of Pistol Wizard.

I'm here to share with you all I've learned about self defense, pistol shooting, and home security. I'm offering you a shortcut to all the things I wish I knew starting out.

Evidence-based Practice

All articles have references at the end drawing on real events, law enforcement data, and the best in scientfic knowledge.

Some questions I'll answer:

If you have any questions about pistols, accessories, gear, etc., please contact me .

Core Values

You'll probably make a great student if these resonate:

  1. Self Reliance: Police can't respond in time to save me or my loved ones. It's on me.
  2. Agency: I have the potential to shoot like a Navy SEAL, no matter my age or gender.
  3. Ownership: My success comes down to how I train, the effort I put in, and honesty with myself.
  4. Resolve: I always have a choice. If I've been a victim, the outcome won't be the same again.

My Certifications

  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA CCW Instructor
  • Texas LTC Instructor

Training Completed

For context, the average US police academy includes 73 hours on firearms training and the FBI includes 110 hours.

Here are the training courses I've completed: