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5 Best OC Sprays for Staying Safe and out of Jail [2024]

Image of Bryan Hill, Founder of Pistol Wizard Bryan Hill / March 21 2024

If you use a gun on a non-deadly threat, what do you get?

Jail, or worse.

A gun is not the answer to most threats. But when it is, it's the only answer. For everything else, there's a tool that stops threats 90% of the time. It cuts the risk of injury to both you and your attacker. It's one of your best tools for staying safe and out of jail.

Pepper spray.

But the best tool is no use if you don't understand it. Read on to find out:

  • What kind of pepper spray to get (most is NOT good)
  • When to use it (and when not to)
  • How to use it the right way

On this Page:

  1. Why OC Spray?
  2. What Makes Good OC Spray?
  3. Tips for OC Spray Use
  4. OC Spray FAQ
  5. 5 Best OC Sprays
  6. References

Why OC Spray?

Minimizing Risk to the Attacker

The force you use against an attacker must be proportional to what they present.

Even if harming your attacker won't keep you up at night, pepper spray is a tool that can protect you from legal risk.

In the video below, an unstable woman wouldn't stop harassing a homeowner and his family. See how he resolved it with pepper spray. How might have things gone if all he had was a gun?

OC spray causes extreme pain, but no lasting injuries in nearly all cases.
Unlike a stun gun, baton, or knife, OC spray:

  • Has more effective range
  • Stops threats immediately
  • Doesn't carry a risk of killing the perpetrator
  • Can be legally carried in more places
  • Can be casually carried in-hand without drawing attention
OC Spray Stun gun Baton Knife
Effective Range 10-20 ft. 1-2 in. 1 ft. 3-4 in.
Stops threats immediately
No risk of killing the perp
Perp takes no lasting injuries
Legal carry in most places
Held without drawing attention

Reducing Legal Risk

Legal disclaimer: This article is for an audience in the United States. Check the laws in your local jurisdiction. Nothing in this article or website constitutes legal advice. Self-defense claims depend on the facts of a case. It is impossible for any general guide to replace the counsel a good lawyer can provide. In an emergency, call a competent lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction.

A gun is the right response to deadly force: an imminent threat a reasonable person would expect to cause:

  • Maiming (broken bones or worse)
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape
  • Death
This can manifest itself when seemingly "unarmed" people:
  • Stomp you when you're down
  • Slam your head into pavement
  • Outnumber you
There are many more situations. (For a full explanation, read The Law of Self Defense by attorney Andrew Branca (2016) .)
The Law of Self Defense, by attorney Andrew Branca.

Everything else is non-deadly force - the imminent threat is unarmed and has similar or lesser:

  • Size
  • Strength
  • Numbers
  • Skill

Non-deadly force can be met in kind: with unarmed skills and OC spray.

OC spray is non-deadly force? Yes, it's legally the same as using unarmed skills as long as you use it in lawful self-defense.

If you use OC spray unlawfully, you can face aggravated assault charges, as though you were using a weapon. Why? Criminals started using OC spray to aid in their crimes, and the laws adapted.

Reducing Your Personal Risk

What if you haven't spent the months or years it takes to become competent in unarmed skills?

Pepper spray is fast and easy to learn. How well does it work?

OC spray immediately stops a non-deadly threat about 90% of the time after 1-2 sprays. Police departments across the US found that using OC spray led to fewer officer injuries.

OC spray doesn't replace unarmed skills. But even the best martial artists have less risk of injury if they use pepper spray.

What Makes Good OC Spray?

Spray Type

OC spray can be a fog/cone, stream, or gel.

For a self-defender, stream is the best choice. Why?
Stream Cone/fog Gel/foam
Aim required Medium Low High
Acts immediately
Doesn't linger and hit you/bystanders
Safe to use indoors
Resistant to wind

The other types are best for niche applications in military and law enforcement. Think riot response or prisoner control. What's best for them is not best for normal people. Stream OC spray is the best for most people.

Major Capsaicin (MC) Content

Major Capsaicin content listing on OC spray

MC content is the active ingredient in OC spray - it's what stops threats immediately. More is better, but some states and jurisdictions set limits. If it's legal, get OC spray with at least 1.3% MC content.

OC spray may contain other ingredients, like CS tear gas, but those do not act fast the way MC does.

Don't buy an OC spray product unless it:

  • Lists Major Capsicum content
  • Is verified by an Independent Laboratory for quality assurance.
Brands that make the cut:
  • Sabre Red
  • Defense Technology First Defense
  • Zarc International Vexor
  • POM Industries

Shroud / Flip-top Safety

OC spray needs a safety to prevent accidental discharge. Pepper spray going off in your pants or vehicle is a sure way to ruin your day.

Not all safeties are equal. A shroud or flip-top safety is the best kind. Other kinds are slower to deploy, and unreliable for stopping accidental discharges.

Ease of Carry

It needs to fit in a pocket, purse, or laptop bag and be quick and easy to draw.

Further, how it's drawn needs to lead to quick, easy use. It should allow a draw to first blast on-target in 1.5 seconds or less.

Some OC spray has a pocket clip, but flips the canister upside down, adding more steps to draw. Watch out.

Marking Dye

Marking dye shows up with a UV light. It helps police find and arrest anyone whose actions forced your defensive use of OC spray.

How to Use OC Spray

How to Aim Stream OC Spray

Aim for the eyebrows, drawing a line from one to the other. Why? The stream's liquid will drip down into their eyes, bypassing any protective eyewear. If they try to wipe at their eyes with their hands, it will just make it worse.

How to Grip OC Spray

How to hold OC spray

If you're a professional hairdresser, you can hold OC spray like you do hairspray.

Otherwise, hold OC spray like the above, using your thumb to activate it. Why? It's a more secure grip in case the attacker tries to knock the OC spray out of your hand. It's also less conspicuous when you're holding your OC spray before you're 100% sure you need to use it.

Other Tips

  • Unlike a gun, you can carry OC spray in your hand without people noticing.
  • If you feel there's any risk of non-deadly harm, get your spray in hand immediately, so you can use it in time.
  • Unless you're using 360º OC spray, hold your spray upright as you use it, or it won't spray well.
  • If using Cone spray, back away and leave the area immediately after using it, or it will get you, too.
  • Have a post-spray plan: Get to a safe place within 5 seconds, or carry a gun in case the threat resists the OC spray and escalates to deadly force.
  • After using OC spray, call 911 as soon as you get to a safe place. Your attacker(s) may try to call them first and act like the victim.

Never used OC spray before? Practice drawing and spraying with an inert trainer unit. That is, a unit loaded with just water, not OC.

Time your OC spray draw to first blast with an inert trainer. Get it to 1.5 seconds or less. It should be even faster if you're starting with your hand in your pocket, or already holding the spray.

OC Spray FAQ

Does Pepper Spray Work on Dogs?

Yes, like with people, OC spray stops aggressive or attacking dogs around 90% of the time after 1-2 sprays. Aim for the eyes and nose.

How Long Does Pepper Spray Last?

The worst of OC spray wears off after 30-120 minutes. Your eyes and lungs may sting for hours afterward.

How to Get Pepper Spray off of Eyes and Skin?

A mix of 3 parts water and 1 part baby shampoo can cut the effect time to 15-30 minutes. For something you can carry, Sudecon wipes can cut the effect time to 10-15 minutes.
Sudecon decontamination wipes
Wipe away from the eyes, then turn the wipe so you use a different part, and wipe away again. Make sure you don't reuse a part of the wipe. It can take 3-6 wipe pads. Also beware that around 1 in 20 people find that Sudecon wipes don't help, they make the effects worse!

Can You Bring Pepper Spray on an Airplane?

Generally yes, in checked baggage for domestic flights. The OC spray must be 4 oz. or less. Some airlines may have more restrictions. Check with your carrier before the flight.

Does Pepper Spray Expire?

Pepper spray expiration dates, near the bottom or on the side of the canister.

Yes. After 3-5 years, OC spray loses pressure, cutting your effective range. The expiration date is printed on the canister, so check that and mark your calendar for when to buy new OC spray.

Can OC Spray Kill You?

The only known deaths from OC spray were from repeat extended use of OC spray on someone with asthma plus other health and/or drug issues.

At the time of this writing, there aren't any records of civilian use of OC spray directly causing death.

Can You Go Blind from OC Spray?

OC spray causes involuntary eye closure, anywhere from 15-120 minutes. The risk of permanent blindness is nil. Extended or repeat OC exposure in a short time can cause some damage. One can damage their own eyes by scratching at them in response to OC spray.

Can I Leave Pepper Spray in My Car?

It depends. OC spray canisters can only take temperatures from 32° F (0° C) to 120° F (48.88° C). Go beyond that, and the canister will leak or burst! Like leaking OC in your pants, this will ruin your day.

If you must stow OC spray in a car, put it in a plastic bag, inside a small, insulated cooler dedicated to emergency gear .
Coleman 30 can cooler, useful for storing emergency gear in your car trunk.

If you're in a warmer climate, consider quality IR-blocking window tinting. It keeps the temperature down, extends the life of your car's AC unit, and conceals everything in your car. It costs around $250-300, but is worth every penny.

Does OC Spray Replace a Gun?

No. You still need an answer for times when OC spray doesn't work, because they're the deadliest. Among offenders determined enough to kill, OC spray only stops them around 20% of the time.

5 Best OC Sprays

The best OC spray depends on how you'll carry it.

  1. Best Keychain OC Spray
  2. Best Pocket OC Spray
  3. Best OC Spray for a Belt or Belly Band Holster
  4. Best OC Spray for Large Purses & Laptop Bags
  5. Best OC Spray for Home or Business Defense

Best Keychain OC Spray: POM Keychain

If you have no pockets, you can still put OC spray on your keychain. If one of your keys is in a door, you can use the quick-release button.

Otherwise, hold the OC spray while it's on your keychain, or rip the OC spray off your keychain for immediate use.

The POM can be small if you have ogre hands. But if keychain carry is your only option, it's the best.

Updated hourly

@ POM Industries

POM Keychain OC Spray
Check price @ Amazon
10 ft. 10-12 ft.
10 sec. 10 sec.
4"H x 1"D" 4.25"H x 1.5"D"
  • Contains water only, so you can practice with it safely
  • Recommended: Take the bottom off of your live POM unit and put it on the inert trainer when practicing your draw
  • Keychain attachment is secure, but can be ripped off in an emergency.

Best Pocket OC Spray: POM Pocket Clip

The POM pocket clip model is the pocket pistol of OC spray. Unlike other pepper sprays, the clip can be turned. You can set the alignment for a fast draw whether you're left or right-handed. No other pepper spray comes close to letting you get a good grip when drawing from a pocket.

Unless you have huge hands, POM is the right choice for everyday carry.

Updated hourly

POM OC Spray
Check price @ Amazon

@ POM Industries
10 ft. 10 ft.
10 sec. 10 sec.
4"H x 1"D" 4"H x 1"D"
  • Pocket clip design conceals your OC spray and offers a fast draw.
  • Contains water only, so you can practice with it safely
  • Recommended: Take the bottom off of your live POM unit and put it on the inert trainer when practicing your draw

Best OC Spray for a Belt or Belly Band Holster: MK-3

MK-3 is a form factor used across many OC spray brands. It's small enough to fit comfortably in most pockets and purses. They're easy to carry all day, every day.

There's just one catch: You just need a holster for it. It has no pocket clip, and it's a half inch thicker than the POM. If you have huge hands, the extra size helps with gripping it.

Updated hourly

Mk3 OC Stream
@ Red Hot Pepper Spray
Compare Prices

Mk3 INERT Trainer
@ LA Police Gear
Compare Prices
10-12 ft. 10-12 ft.
10 sec. 10 sec.
4.25"H x 1.5"D" 4.25"H x 1.5"D"
  • No belt/pocket clip. Needs a dedicated pocket or holster.
  • Contains water only, so you can practice with it safely

Best OC Spray for Large Purses & Laptop Bags: MK-4

MK-4 is another cross-brand form factor for OC spray. It's too tall for most pockets, but can fit well in laptop bag or large purse. You may need a pouch, organizer slot, or holster. It depends on your bag.

The MK-4 is the most cost-effective choice for target practice at home. Even if you carry something smaller, try an inert MK-4 for practice.

Updated hourly

Mk4 OC Stream
@ Galls
Compare Prices

Mk4 INERT Trainer
@ Red Hot Pepper Spray
Compare Prices
10-12 ft. 10-12 ft.
20 sec. 20 sec.
6.25"H x 1.5"D" 6.25"H x 1.5"D"
  • Best capacity.
  • Too big for carry in most pockets or small purses.
  • Contains water only, so you can practice with it safely
  • Most cost-effective for training/practice

Best OC Spray for Home or Business Defense: MK-9

The MK-9 is another common OC spray form factor. It has great range and capacity, but is too big for daily carry.

So why include it? It's a great fit for your home or business when you need to repel a non-deadly threat. At home, you can keep it on the nightstand or near an entry door.

At work, it can stay under the counter, or in a cabinet with other emergency tools. Just don't keep it right next to a fire extinguisher, as they look similar! If you try putting out a fire with OC spray, it might work. Everyone nearby will get a dose of the hot sauce, though.

Updated hourly

Mk9 OC Stream
Check price @ Amazon

Mk9 INERT Trainer
Check price @ Amazon
18-20 ft 18-20 ft
14 sec. 14 sec.
9.15"H x 2.6"D" 9.15"H x 2.6"D"
  • Best range and stream size.
  • Good capacity.
  • Too big for everyday carry.
  • Contains water only, so you can practice with it safely

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

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