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How to Bolt down Gun Safes

Image of Bryan Hill, Founder of Pistol Wizard Bryan Hill / February 24 2021

Anchor bolt installed into concrete.

Bolting down a safe makes it safer to use and harder to force open or steal.

There are two ways to prevent movement of the safe:
  1. Making it huge and unwiedly to move around.
  2. Making it heavy as hell.
We'll start with the first option and gradually bring in the second one.

On this Page:

  1. Light Duty
  2. Mid Duty
  3. Heavy Duty
  4. Installation

Light Duty

This is best if you move every 1-4 years. Determined burglars can still get your safe, but it will slow them down quite a bit. How?

Bolt your safe to a big piece of furniture like a:
  • Locked filing cabinet
  • Big desk
  • Big dresser
  • Bed frame
TITAN Gun Vault bolted to bed frame.
The more metal in the furniture, the better. Why? So badguys can't chop it apart. Bolt it to a metal part if at all possible, so badguys can't pry the safe off of your anchor.

Mid Duty

If you move every 5-10 years, this can be a good choice. It will take 1-2 people to set up and move, depending on its size and your strength.

Steel Platform
What is it? A steel platform too big to fit through doors while the safe is bolted on. It's critical that it can be securely bolted to the safe.

What size? At least 2" tall x 4 ft x 4 ft.

Measure your safe room's floor to be sure the platform will fit, and measure the door to make sure it's at least 1 ft narrower than the platform.

Have some reputable local welders build it. Just make sure they don't know your home address or your full name. Pay in cash.

When you have to move, if your safe is under 500 lb, consider a pact with your 3 best hunting or shooting buddies: Everyone agrees to help each other install their gun safes. That should be enough people to do the installs, and no one outside that trusted circle knows what you have and where it is.

Heavy Duty

This option is only for a permanent residence. It will be a massive pain to move out of your home, and will probably take a trusted friend or two to setup. You sure you want this?

OK. Concrete is cheap and weighs about 150 lb per cubic ft. Concrete slab

You can pour concrete in a large pan or plastic storage container to give it shape. Add some rebar and/or high strength mesh if you have the budget. Or take the Medium Duty steel platform and fill it with concrete.

Just be sure to place the container where you need it before you pour the concrete in, because moving it by itself will probably take a few people and a dolly.

When the concrete cures, paint or carpet the anchor to fit your home decor.

If you make this choice and have to move, contact your most reputable local safe dealer and ask about moving services. If your safe is over 500 lb you should be doing this anyway.


Have a local security company do the install. Search for safe bolting service or safe dealer in Google Maps for options. Tell the person making the appointment and the installation tech how often you expect to move and what you're mounting the safe to. This will inform them which type of bolt anchor to use.

It's a good sign if they choose one of the following bolt anchors:
  • Hammer-Set Nail Drive Anchor
  • Wedge Anchor
  • Drop-in Anchor
All three types are very strong. The drop-in anchor is best for those who move more.

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